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S. Primig, H. Leitner, E. Kozeschnik:
"Early Stages of Precipitation: Experiments and Modelling";
Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte (BHM), 159 (2014), 1; 5 - 11.

English abstract:
Precipitation hardening of structural high-per- formance materials is considered as one of the most im- portant strengthening mechanisms. In alloys containing precipitate forming elements, a fine dispersion of nano- meter-sized particles precipitates from a supersaturated solid-solution. The size, volume fraction, and number density of these precipitates can be controlled by elabo- rate thermo-mechanical processing or by thermal treat- ments. The Christian Doppler Laboratory "Early Stages of Precipitation" aims at establishing a deeper understand- ing of such precipitation processes in steels, nickel-base alloys, and refractory metals.The experimental part of the lab in Leoben focuses on the characterization of small precipitates by state-of-the art high-resolution methods such as atom probe tomography and transmission elec- tron microscopy, by scattering techniques, and by ther- mal analysis. The modelling part in Vienna concentrates on the modelling of precipitation kinetics mostly within the framework of the scientific software "MatCalc". The main objective of both parts is the comprehensive study of the microstructure-property relationship in order to develop particle strengthened alloys with improved me- chanical properties.

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