M. Datler, I. Bespalov, G. Rupprechter, Y. Suchorski:
"Analyzing the reaction kinetics for individual catalytically active components: CO oxidation on a Pd powder supported by Pt foil";
Catalysis Letters, 145 (2015), 5; S. 1120 - 1125.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Spatially- and component-resolved kinetic measurements and resulting phase diagrams for CO oxidation on a model catalyst consisting of Pd powder agglomerates supported by a polycrystalline Pt foil are reported. The kinetic data for the micrometer-sized Pt(100) and Pt(110) domains and for the different Pd powder agglomerates of similar dimensions were obtained by local analysis of PEEM video-sequences recorded in situ during the ongoing CO oxidation reaction. Individual domains of the supporting Pt foil as well as the µm-sized Pd powder agglomerates behave in the combined Pd-powder/Pt-foil sample independently from each other with respect to CO oxidation, at least in the 10^(−5) mbar pressure range. The propagating reaction fronts move within grain boundaries for Pt domains and also remain confined to the Pd agglomerates.

CO Oxidation, Pd, Pt, powder, model catalyst, Spatially- and component-resolved kinetic measurements, polycrystalline

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