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A. Mahdavi, M. Schuss, B. Rader:
"A Multi-Domain Multi-Zontal Schema for Systematic Compartmentalisation of Building Systems Control Logic";
www.itcon.org - Journal of Information Technology in Construction, 20 (2015), Special Issue; 121 - 131.

English abstract:
In order to accommodate the integration requirements of increasingly complex technologies for
heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting of buildings, effective design and configuration methods are needed.
Specifically, decisions regarding the environmental control systems' type and devices, the number and extent of
control zones, as well as the number and position of sensors need to follow a structured approach with traceable
reasoning. Moreover, decision processes in one domain (e.g. thermal control systems) must be coordinated at a
deep level with other domains (e.g. visual control systems). The absence of a structured approach in these areas
can result in inefficiencies in the design and operation of buildings and their systems. In this context, the present
contribution elaborates on the potential of a generative schema for the systematic representation of buildings'
systems control architecture, including control devices, control zones, and associated actuators and sensors. The
schema is inclusive vis-à-vis multiple control domains and multiple zones and can effectively support the
systematic compartmentalisation of control logic in technologically complex buildings. To probe the robustness
of the proposed schema in dealing with the multi-faceted and complex systems control circumstances in real
buildings, a preliminary experiment was conducted, involving a group of architecture and engineering students.
The participants found the method to be effective in supporting the configuration of buildings' technical systems
and the communication between architects and engineers.

German abstract:
none - see english version

building monitoring, building management system, building automation, building simulation.

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