Contributions to Proceedings:

C. Sebald, G. Neubauer, S. Kabicher-Fuchs, C. Flachberger, H. Tellioglu:
"The RE-ACTA crowdtasking platform: for crisis and disaster management in Austria";
in: "Civilisation at the Crossroads Response and Responsibility of the Systems Sciences", issued by: Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science; Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science, 2014, (invited), ISSN: 2227-7803, 124 - 128.

English abstract:
n 2012, the international Red Cross declared an urgent need to strengthen the population´s resilience regarding the most important challenges in today´s crisis and disaster management. This is also evident for Austria when looking at recent occurrences of flooding in 2013. That mentioned, in the light of resilience, to be preventive and prepared, the Austrian crisis and disaster management heavily relies on a large volunteer community. While organized volunteers are educated and are contributing to the activities of the Red Cross on a regular basis, the idea of crowd tasking is addressing those spontaneous volunteers, who are not bound closely to the organization but are willing to contribute spontaneously, when their neighborhood is affected directly by a crisis situation.

Crowdsourcing, Crowdtasking, Crowdtasking Tool, New Media, Social Media, Volunteer Management, Decision Support System, Crisis and Disaster Management, Humanitarian Non- Governmental Organizations

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