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G. Birkenmeier, P. Manz, D. Carralero, F. Laggner, G. Fuchert, K. Krieger, H. Maier, F. Reimold, K. Schmid, R. Dux, T. Pütterich, M. Willensdorfer, E. Wolfrum, . ASDEX Upgrade Team:
"Filament transport, warm ions and erosion in ASDEX Upgrade L-modes";
Nuclear Fusion, 55 (2015), 3; 0330181 - 0330186.

English abstract:
The dynamics of blob filaments are investigated in the scrape-off layer of ASDEX Upgrade by means of lithium beam emission spectroscopy. A comparison of the measurements in L-mode with a recently developed analytical blob model based on a drift-interchange-Alfve ́n fluid model indicates an influence of a finite ion temperature on the blob dynamics which has typically been neglected in other blob models. The blob dynamics agree well with the sheath-connected regime at lower plasma densities, and inertial effects play only a minor role. At higher densities, a transition into another regime with large blob amplitudes and increased transport is found. This points to a prominent role of blob transport at higher Greenwald fractions. On the basis of the measured blob properties, the erosion on plasma facing components is estimated. For pure deuterium plasmas, the high ion temperatures of blobs lead to a dominant erosion induced by blobs. However, if an impurity concentration of 1% is taken into account, the blob-induced erosion plays a minor role and background plasma parameters determine the total gross erosion.

fusion plasma, scrape-off layer, plasma turbulence, plasma wall interaction, wall erosion

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