Publications in Scientific Journals:

N. Stolterfoht, E. Gruber, P. Allinger, S. Wampl, Y. Wang, M. Simon, F. Aumayr:
"Experiments and simulations of 4.5-keV Ar7+ ion guiding through a conical glass macrocapillary";
Physical Review A, 91 (2015), 0327051 - 0327058.

English abstract:
Experimental and theoretical studies are performed to investigate guiding of 4.5-keV Ar7+ ions through a
conical macrocapillary. The tilt angle of the capillary axis relative to the incident beam is varied within 0◦-2◦.
The experiments are performed using a glass capillary whose bulk conductivity could be varied by changing its
temperature from 24 ◦C-110 ◦C. At lower temperatures a minimum in the transmitted ion intensity is observed
in the forward direction. After strongly increasing the electrical conductivity of the capillary by increasing
its temperature to 110 ◦C, the transmission profile becomes geometrical without a forward minimum. The
experimental data are compared with theoretical results, which are based on simulations previously developed
for nanocapillaries and a straight macrocapillary. Both the surface and bulk conductivities are implemented in the
calculations, providing clear evidence that the bulk conductivity is dominant. The major experimental features
are reproduced by the simulations, providing evidence for the mechanisms producing the forward minimum.

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