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F. Li, S. Qanbari, M. Vögler, S. Dustdar:
"Constructing Green Software Services: From Service Models to Cloud-Based Architecture";
in: "Green in Software Engineering", C. Calero, M. Piattini (ed.); Springer International Publishing, 2015, (invited), ISBN: 978-3-319-08580-7, 83 - 104.

English abstract:
In recent years, green software research is gaining momentum from the acute need for sustainable development as well as the far-reaching effect of ICT to our society. "[Green and] Sustainable Software is software, whose direct and indirect negative impacts on economy, society, human beings, and environment that result from development, deployment, and usage of the software are minimal and/or which
have a positive effect on sustainable development" [4]. Based on this definition, green software research is growing in two directions. The first direction looks into the runtime energy consumption of software [15] and its engineering pro-aspects of our society and investigates how software can be used to improve the sustainability of a broader range of business, social, and individual activities [5]. This chapter is focused on the research and development in the second direction-to leverage software to solve sustainability problems on a wider scope.

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