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G. Schitter:
"Advanced Mechatronics for Precision Engineering and Mechatronic Imaging Systems";
Talk: 8th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, Vienna, Austria; 02-18-2015 - 02-20-2015; in: "Proceedings of the 8th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling (MATHMOD)", (2015), 942 - 943.

English abstract:
This paper summarizes how modelling, simulation and model-based design approaches
influence the system design and integration of precision mechatronic systems that are used in the hightech
industry and in scientific instrumentation for nano-scale imaging. Particular challenges that have to
be addressed are positioning with nanometer precision, motion control with high speeds and high
precision, and vibration isolation to counteract environmental disturbances. Applications that are
discussed and demonstrated are from the fields of atomic force microscopy, confocal scanning laser
microscopy, adaptive optics, and precision lithography machines for the production of integrated circuits.

precision engineering, motion control, mechatronics, scanning probe microscopy, system integration, model-based control.

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