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P. Federico, J. Unger, A. Amor-Amoros, L. Sacchi, D. Klimov, S. Miksch:
"Gnaeus: utilizing clinical guidelines for a knowledge-assisted visualisation of EHR cohorts";
Talk: The Sixth International EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics (EuroVA), Cagliari, Italy; 2015-05-25 - 2015-05-26; in: "Proceedings of the EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics (EuroVA)", E. Bertini, J. Roberts (ed.); (2015), ISBN: 978-3-905674-86-6; 79 - 83.

English abstract:
The advanced visualization of electronic health records (EHRs), supporting a scalable analysis from single patients to cohorts, intertwining patients' conditions with executed treatments, and handling the complexity of time-oriented data, is an open challenge of visual analytics for health care. We propose an approach that, according to the knowledge-assisted visualization paradigm, leverages the domain knowledge acquired by clinical experts and formalized into computer-interpretable guidelines, in order to improve the automated analysis, the visualization, and the interactive exploration of EHRs of patient cohorts. In this way, the analyst can get insights about the clinical history of multiple patients and assess the effectiveness of their health care treatments.

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