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G. Lasser, L.W. Mayer, Z. Popovic, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"FSS Shield for a Switched Beam Antenna";
Talk: Cost IC1004 12th MC & Scientific Meeting, Dublin, Ireland; 01-28-2015 - 01-30-2015; in: "COST IC1004: 12th MC & Scientific Meeting", Ic1004 Td(15)12073 (2015), 1 - 11.

English abstract:
This paper presents a compact switched-beam antenna mounted on the bottom of a car that reads RFID data sensed directly from all 4 tyres. The frequencies of interest are the European UHF RFID band (866MHz) and the 2.45GHz ISM band. In both cases the antenna is electrically close to the conductive floor of the vehicle. In order to improve performance, dual-band artificial periodic printed surfaces are designed and the efficiency, pattern and loss are characterized for the antenna mounted above the FSS. In the UHF band, the assembly performance is not sensitive to the position of the conductive car bottom surface, and measures 0.87 0 0.87 0 0.11 0.
The assembly has a directivity of 5.6 dB and shows an efficiency penalty of 0.8 dB when compared to free space operation of the switched-beam antenna.

antenna FSS metamaterial efficiency RFID TPMS ATMS

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