C. Klauser, T. Bigault, N. Rebrova, T. Soldner:
"Ultra-Sensitive Depolarization Study of Polarizing CoTi Supermirrors with the Opaque Test Bench";
Physics Procedia, 42 (2013), S. 99 - 105.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We have investigated the depolarization of neutrons in the reflection on polarizing supermirrors, using the opaque test bench. It consists of two opaque 3He cells with in-situ adiabatic fast passage flipping of the helium spin. In a beam initially polarized to AP = 99.98%, depolarization of the order of 10−2 is evidenced after a single reflection on a polarizing supermirror. Depolarization could be reduced though not completely suppressed when working at high magnetizing fields (0.82 T). The preliminary data analysis also suggests a correlation between the m-value of the supermirror and depolarization.

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