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H. Hofstätter et al.:
"On splitting methods for nonlinear parabolic evolution equations";
Talk: 11th Austrian Numerical Analysis Day, 2015, Linz; 2015-05-06 - 2015-05-08.

English abstract:
On a recent paper Einkemmer and Ostermann describe and propose
how to overcome order reduction phenomena for Strang splitting
applied to parabolic evolution equations with inhomogeneous,
possibly time-dependent Dirichlet boundary conditions.
Contrary to the impression conveyed earlier, order reduction can occur
even for homogeneous Dirichlet or Neumann boundary conditions,
particularly for inconsistent initial data. For high-order splitting
methods (with complex coefficients) this order reduction can
be very massive.
In this talk we try to understand this behavior. We give a preliminary
analysis of the local and global error both for consistent and
inconsistent initial data and illustrate our theoretical approach by
numerical experiments

splitting methods, parabolic equations, order reduction

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