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C.Y. Lee, A. Mahdavi, J.A. Jiang, M. Cheng, C.H. Lin:
"Sensors and Sensor Networks in Agriculture, Architecture, and Civil Engineering - Editorial";
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (invited), 2015 (2015).

English abstract:
Recent advances in sensor and sensor network technologies have played important roles in agriculture, architecture, civil, and soil/water conservation engineering. Individual or integrated sensors and their networks have enabled efficient uses of information and resources while facilitating the realization of harsh and dangerous tasks in these fields. Methods and protocols designed for operable and profitable devices have also driven the processing of relevant information oriented sensor networks toward an efficiency way. This special issue compiles recent research papers regarding multidisciplinary sensor applications. All the submitted manuscripts have been rigorously peer-reviewed by experts.

Some papers provide potential solutions for advanced sensor and sensor network technologies and their applications in the fields of civil and soil/water conservation engineering. M. Zhu et al. propose a random field model for evaluating the track irregularity for Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway with the Karhunen-Loève expansion. J. Lai et al. report a blasting vibration monitoring method of undercrossing railway tunnel utilizing WSN. S. T. Taba et al. present a multidimensional analytical approach for identifying and locating large utility pipes in underground infrastructure. S.-H. Jien et al. develop an erosion potential estimation approach by network measurement of soil properties in coastal areas after clearcutting. M.-H. Lee and H.-H. Lin present an evaluation of annual rainfall erosivity index based on daily, monthly, and annual precipitation data of rainfall station network in southern Taiwan.

Some other papers deal with development of sensors and sensor networks in architecture. D.-H. Dan et al. propose the optimal design for fiber Bragg grating based wind pressure sensors. T.-H. Lo et al. present an experimental evaluation of indoor formaldehyde decomposition performance of atmospheric plasma reactor utilizing sensor network. W. Wang et al. develop a distributed wireless measurement system for transient pressure with data extraction technology. M.-H. Lee et al. also report a study on sensor networks with electrokinetic ion trap mechanism for measuring soil moisture.

The works reported in this special issue will give valuable information in the future development of sensors and sensor networks. Hopefully, the rapid development of sensor networks will bring potential benefits for improving the quality of human lives.

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