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A. Azarnejad, A. Mahdavi:
"Building façadesī visual reflectance and surface temperatures: a field study";
Energy Procedia, Proceedings of 6th International Building Physics Conference, IBPC 2015 (2015), 151.

English abstract:
The surface properties of building façades have implications for thermal performance of buildings and might also influence
outdoor thermal comfort conditions for pedestrians. A façade surface property, which is frequently used by building engineers
and specially architects, is the visual reflectance. In this paper, we present the result of a field study, which explores the
relationship between the visual reflectance of building façades and the corresponding surface temperatures. A number of
buildings with diverse façade colours were selected. Surface temperatures, incident solar irradiance, façadesī visual reflectance,
as well as ambient air temperature and relative humidity were measured. The results of the field study display non-random
relationships between the building façadesī visual reflectance and their surface temperatures.

German abstract:
none - see english version

Building façades; surface temperatures; visual reflectance; thermal performance

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