Publications in Scientific Journals:

L. Fan, P. Musialski et al.:
"Structure Completion for Facade Layouts";
ACM Transactions on Graphics, 33 (2014), 6 (210); 1 - 11.

English abstract:
We present a method to complete missing structures in facade layouts. Starting from an abstraction of the partially observed layout as a set of shapes, we can propose one or multiple possible completed layouts. Structure completion with large missing parts is an ill-posed problem. Therefore, we combine two sources of information to derive our solution: the observed shapes and a database of complete layouts. The problem is also very difficult, because shape positions and attributes have to be estimated jointly. Our proposed solution is to break the problem into two components: a statistical model to evaluate layouts and a planning algorithm to generate candidate layouts. This ensures that the completed result is consistent with the observation and the layouts in the database.

facade modeling, facade completion, structure completion, urban modeling

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