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A. Reichinger, M. Neumüller, F. Rist, S. Maierhofer, W. Purgathofer:
"Computer-Aided Design of Tactile Models - Taxonomy and Case Studies";
Talk: ICCHP 2012 - Computers Helping People with Special Needs, Linz, Österreich; 2012-05-11 - 2012-05-13; in: "Computers Helping People with Special Needs: 13th International Conference, ICCHP 2012", Springer, Wien/New York (2012), ISBN: 978-3642315336; 497 - 504.

English abstract:
Computer-aided tools offer great potential for the design and production of tactile models. While many publications focus on the design of essentially two-dimensional media like raised line drawings or the reproduction of three-dimensional objects, we intend to broaden this view by introducing a taxonomy that classifies the full range of conversion possibilities based on dimensionality. We present an overview of current methods, discuss speciffc advantages and dificulties, identify suitable programs and algorithms and discuss personal experiences from case studies performed in cooperation with two museums.

accessibility, design for all, blind people, visually impaired people, tactile graphics, tactile models, CAD, CAM, 3D scanning

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