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M Palmstingl, T. Koch, D. Salaberger, T. Paier:
"Morphological impact on the fatigue behaviour of short fibre reinforced polypropylene";
Materials Science Forum, 825 - 826 (2015), 830 - 837.

English abstract:
The fatigue behaviour of short fibre reinforced thermoplastics is highly dependent on the
morphological conditions. The capability of simulating fatigue behaviour and damage mechanisms
of fibre reinforced polypropylene increasingly interests industrial partners of the presented study.
For the morphological analysis both destructive and non-destructive methods such as computed
X-ray tomography and a combination of polishing and microscopic methods were applied. The
determination of the composite morphology (fibre distribution, orientation tensor, fibre length
distribution) was assisted by several methods of specific automatic data evaluation concepts.
Fatigue testing was done on a servohydraulic dynamic testing machine using a testing frequency of
10 Hz, which is in the range of the real loading in application of the components. The analysis
included thermal investigations (IR camera) and local strain measurements.

fibre reinforced polypropylene; fatigue behaviour; morphology

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