Publications in Scientific Journals:

R.A. Wilhelm, A.S. El-Said, F. Krok, R. Heller, E. Gruber, F. Aumayr, S. Facsko:
"Highly charged ion induced nanostructures at surfaces by strong electronic excitations";
Progress in Surface Science, 90 (2015), 377 - 395.

English abstract:
Nanostructure formation by single slow highly charged ion
impacts can be associated with high density of electronic excitations
at the impact points of the ions. Experimental results show
that depending on the target material these electronic excitations
may lead to very large desorption yields in the order of a few
1000 atoms per ion or the formation of nanohillocks at the impact
site. Even in ultra-thin insulating membranes the formation of
nanometer sized pores is observed after ion impact. In this paper,
we show recent results on nanostructure formation by highly
charged ions and compare them to structures and defects observed
after intense electron and light ion irradiation of ionic crystals and
graphene. Additional data on energy loss, charge exchange and
secondary electron emission of highly charged ions clearly show
that the ion charge dominates the defect formation at the surface.

Slow highly charged ion HCI Ion charge state Nanostructure Electronic excitation Color centers

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