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M. Bartosik, M. Todt, D. Holec, J. Todt, Z. Zhang, L. Zhou, H. Riedl, H. J. Böhm, F. G. Rammerstorfer, P.H. Mayrhofer:
"Thermal Expansion of Rock-Salt Cubic AlN";
Applied Physics Letters, 107 (2015), 071602.

English abstract:
We combine continuum mechanics modeling and wafer curvature experiments to characterize the thermal expansion coefficient of AlN in its metastable cubic rock-salt (B1) structure. The latter was stabilized as nm thin layers by coherency strains in CrN/AlN epitaxial multilayers deposited on Si (100) substrates using reactive magnetron sputtering. The extraction of the B1-AlN thermal expansion coefficient, from experimentally recorded temperature dependent wafer curvature data, is formulated as an inverse problem using continuum mechanics modeling. The results are cross validated by density functional theory calculations.

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