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E. Bauer, C. Blaas-Schenner, D. Reith, W. Wolf, P. Rogl, R. Podloucky, E. Royanian, O. Sologub:
"A novel superconductor in actinoid platinum metal borides";
Talk: ICM 2015, 20th International Conference onMagnetism, Barcelona, Spain; 2015-07-05 - 2015-07-10.

English abstract:
From a cursory investigation of phase relations in the systems {Th,U}-Pt-B at 900C we observed the formation of novel compounds AnPt3B of which ThPt3B (a=0.4383(2) nm; Pm-3m) is a representative of the perovskites and UPt3B (a=0.38906(3), c=0.52241(5) nm; P4mm) is isotypic with the non-centrosymmetric structure of CePt3B. Characterization of physical properties for ThPt3B reveals a superconducting transition at 0.75 K and an upper critical field at T = 0 below 0.6 Tesla. For non-superconducting UPt3B a metallic resistivity behaviour was found in the entire temperature range. At lowest temperatures, spin fluctuations become evident and non‐Fermi liquid features are observed from resistivity data. DFT calculations carried out for both compounds provide information about the electronic and phonic structure of these novel compounds.

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