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R. Zabolotnyi, P. Leitner, S. Schulte, S. Dustdar:
"SPEEDL - A Declarative Event-Based Language to Define the Scaling Behavior of Cloud Applications";
Talk: The Future of Software Engineering FOR and IN Cloud (FoSEC) Visionary Track of the 2015 IEEE World Congress on Services (IEEE SERVICES 2015), New York, USA; 2015-06-27 - 2015-07-02; in: "Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE World Congress on Services (IEEE SERVICES 2015)", L. Zhang, R. Bahsoon (ed.); IEEE Computer Society, (2015), ISBN: 978-1-4673-7275-6; 71 - 78.

English abstract:
Contemporary cloud providers offer out-of-the-box auto-scaling solutions. However, defining a non-trivial scaling behavior that goes beyond the feature set provided by existing solutions is still challenging. In this paper we present SPEEDL, a declarative and extensible domain-specific language that simplifies the creation of elastic scaling behavior on top of IaaS clouds. SPEEDL simplifies the creation of event-driven policies for resource management (How many resources, and what resource types, are needed?), as well as task mapping (Which tasks should be handled by which resources?). Based on a dataset of real-life scaling policies, we demonstrate that SPEEDL can cover most scaling behaviors real-life developers want to express, and that the resulting SPEEDL policies are at the same time substantially more compact, easier to read, and less error-prone than the same behavior expressed via a general-purpose programming language.

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