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M. Raab:
"Safe Management of Software Configuration";
Talk: CAiSE 2015 Doctoral Consortium, Stockholm, Schweden; 2015-07-08 - 2015-07-12; in: "Proceedings of the CAiSE´2015 Doctoral Consortium", P. Loucopoulos, S. Nurcan, H. Weigand (ed.); http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1415/, Vol-1415 / urn:nbn:de:0074-1415-4 /worldwide (2015), 74 - 82.

English abstract:
We tend to write software in a parameterized way with values specified
in configuration files. Such configurability allows us to deploy
software in a context not initially thought of, but it also has
the downside that it introduces a new class of hard-to-track faults.
This issue arises because the usage of configuration in programs and the
management of configuration by administrators is not well integrated.
We propose a light-weight specification language to be used by both
parties. From this specification we generate configuration access
code that includes compile-time checks. Furthermore, we use the same
specification to add run-time checks for safe configuration management.
We expect that our approach averts many failures configurable software
faces today. Additionally, we think it improves the quality altogether,
because the documentation resulting from the specification leads to a
better understanding of the overall system.

context awareness, customization, persistency, key databases, information systems

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