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A. Psenner:
"Street Life! It's the Only Life I Know. Street Life, and there's a Thousand Parts to Play";
Vortrag: Real Corp 2015, Gent (eingeladen); 04.05.2015 - 08.05.2015; in: "PLAN TOGETHER - RIGHT NOW - OVERALL. From Vision to Reality for Vibrant Cities and Regions", M. Schrenk, V. Popovich, P. Zeile, P. Elisei, C. Beyer (Hrg.); (2015), ISBN: 978-3-9503110-8-2; 12 S.

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Vienna´s urban Stadtparterre (street-level environment) crisis is a key focal point of the city´s urban research and for its administration: Although rapid population growth has created an urgent need for additional (living) space, ground floor vacancies are still spreading. Furthermore the environmental impact generated by individual motorized traffic has reached a critical level.
The Stadtparterre concept refers to the city´s "parterre" as a holistic urban system: it covers both built-up and non-built-up areas. Thus street, ground floor and courtyard are treated as entity, so that interrelations are coming to light. Because we perfectly know that the potentials of ground floor use and the structure of the correlating public street space are directly related to each other.
Given this perspective the paper is therefore addressing the following issues:
- Which architectural, legal and structural interventions have had an impact on the functional change of the street-level environment?
- How was the Viennese ground level originally used? Which urban functions were located there?
- What are the (historical) interrelations between public space and the life inside buildings?
Thus the causes of the current Stadtparterre crisis is analysed from a historic and systemic perspective.

Vienna; Street-Level Environment (Parterre); Historic Ground Floor Use; Urban Space Research; 3D City Model

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