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P. Zeppezauer, O. Scekic, H. Truong, S. Dustdar:
"Virtualizing Communication for Hybrid and Diversity-Aware Collective Adaptive Systems";
Talk: 10th International Workshop on Engineering Service-Oriented Applications (WESOA 2014) in conjunction with ICSOC 2014, Paris, France; 2014-11-03 - 2014-11-06; in: "Service-Oriented Computing - ICSOC 2014 Workshops WESOA, SeMaPS, RMSOC, KASA, ISC, FOR-MOVES, CCSA and Satellite Events, Revised Selected Papers", F. Toumani, B. Pernici, D. Grigori, D. Benslimane, J. Mendling, N. Hadj-Alouane, M. Blake, O. Perrin, I. Saleh, S. Bhiri (ed.); Springer International Publishing, LNCS 8954 (2015), ISBN: 978-3-319-22884-6; 56 - 67.

English abstract:
Hybrid and Diversity-Aware Collective Adaptive Systems (HDA-CAS) form a broad class of highly distributed systems comprising a number of heterogeneous human-based and machine-based computing (service) units. These units collaborate in ad-hoc formed, dynamically-adaptive collectives. The flexibility of these collectives makes them suitable for processing elaborate tasks, but at the same time, building a system to support diverse communication types in such collectives is challenging. In this paper, we address the fundamental communication challenges for HDA-CAS. We present the design of a middleware for virtualizing communication within and among collectives of diverse types of service units. The middleware is able to handle numerous, intermittently available, human and software-based service units, and manages the notion of collectivity transparently to the programmer. A prototype implementation for validation purpose is also provided.

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Project Head Schahram Dustdar:
Hybrid and Diversity-Aware Collective Adaptive Systems: When People Meet Machines to Build a Smarter Society

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