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J. Stampfl, J. Homa, R. Liska:
"Lithography based Additive Manufacturing - Materials and Processes";
Talk: ChinaNANO 2015, Beijing; 09-03-2015 - 09-05-2015; in: "The 6th International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology", (2015), 179.

English abstract:
In 2015 the Austrian Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) started a national lead project "Additive Manufacturing Technologies" (AMT) with 18 industrial and academic partners. The goal of this project is to establish AMT as fabrication tool in Austria´s manufacturing industry. Key goals of the project is the development of advanced processes and materials which target a number of industrial applications. One key aspect of the performed research is lithography-based AMT (L-AMT), which facilitates 3D lithographic production of parts with excellent resolution and precision by means of photosensitive resins [1]. One key advantage of L-AMT is the achievable feature resolution. A few tens of nanometers are currently the resolution limit for this novel technique Fields of applications are as diverse as photonics, microfluidics and biomedicine.
A key topic for future industrial developments is the increase of writing speed and throughput. This topic is related to developing appropriate 2PP structuring units as well as suitable 2PP materials. The advantages of a newly developed class of high performance photo-initiators, which play a key role in an efficient structuring process, will be introduced.
In addition, new photoreactive monomers and ceramic filler systems enable the fabrication of ceramic engineering parts with outstanding mechanical properties [2], matching or exceeding the properties of traditionally used engineering ceramics. In this work results related to aluminum oxide, zirconia and bioceramics will be presented.

[1] Z.Q. Li, N. Pucher, K. Cicha, J. Torgersen, S.C. Ligon, A. Ajami, W. Husinsky, A. Rosspeintner, E. Vauthey, Eric; S. Naumov, T.Scherzer, J. Stampfl, R. Liska, Macromolecules, 46 (2), 352-361, 2013.
[2] G. Mitteramskogler, R. Gmeiner, R. Felzmann, S. Gruber, C. Hofstetter, J. Stampfl, J. Ebert, W. Wachter, J. Laubersheimer, Additive Manufacturing, 1-4, 2014, 110-118.

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