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M. Schwab, M. Todt, H. E. Pettermann:
"A Multiscale Modelling Approach for Simulating Impact Damage in Woven Composite Laminates";
Vortrag: 5th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on the Mechanical Response of Composites (COMPOSITES 2015), Bristol; 07.09.2015 - 09.09.2015; in: "Proceedings of the 5th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on the Mechanical Response of Composites", S.R. Hallett, J.J.C. Remmers (Hrg.); Bristol University, (2015), 12 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A multiscale modelling approach for predicting impact damage in woven composite laminates is presented. Thereby, the microstructure of a multi-layered fabric reinforced laminate is modelled at tow level for a sub-domain emebedded in a homogenized shell. The detailed sub-domain is entirely modelled using shell elements, where material nonlinearities such as damage and plasticity like behaviour of the tows, inelastic behaviour of unreinforced resin zones up to failure and delamination of plies are accounted for. As an example, a drop tower test setup of a laminated plate consisting of eight 2/2 twill fabric plies is modelled using the explicit finite element code Abaqus/Explicit v6.14. The spatial distribution and temporal sequence of material and interface degrading mechanisms are predicted and the total amount of energy absorbed by the plate, as well as the contributions of individual mechanisms to the absorbed energy are evaluated. The predictions show very good agreement to measurements gained from equivalent experiments and give insight into the impact behaviour of the laminate at a high level of detail.

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