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S. Ahmetaj, W. Fischl:
"Towards Reconciling SPARQL and Certain Answers";
Talk: PhDs in Logic VII, Wien; 2015-05-14 - 2015-05-16.

English abstract:
SPARQL entailment regimes are strongly in
uenced by the
big body of works on ontology-based query answering, notably
in the area of Description Logics (DLs). However, the
semantics of query answering under SPARQL entailment
regimes is de ned in a more naive and much less expressive
way than the certain answer semantics usually adopted in
DLs. The goal of this work is to introduce an intuitive certain
answer semantics also for SPARQL and to show the feasibility
of this approach. For OWL 2 QL entailment, we present
algorithms for the evaluation of an interesting fragment of
SPARQL (the so-called well-designed SPARQL). Moreover,
we show that the complexity of the most fundamental query
analysis tasks (such as query containment and equivalence
testing) is not negatively a ected by the presence of OWL 2
QL entailment under the proposed semantics.

SPARQL, certain answers

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