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M. Lerch:
"Experimental Comparison of Fast-Fading Channel Interpolation Methods for the LTE Uplink";
Talk: International Symposium ELMAR, Zadar, Croatia; 09-28-2015 - 09-30-2015; in: "Proc. of the 57th International Symposium ELMAR-2015", (2015), ISBN: 978-953-184-209-9; 5 - 8.

English abstract:
Due to the pilot structure, channel interpolation in
the LTE uplink is a challenging problem in fast fading scenarios.
In this paper different channel interpolation methods that include
channel estimates from the previous and from the subsequent
subframe are compared to methods using only one or two channel
estimates from the actual subframe. The presented results are
obtained by measurements performed on a wireless testbed that
allows for reproducible measurements at velocities of up to 400

LTE, Uplink, Fast Fading, Channel Estimation, Measurement

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Project Head Christoph Mecklenbräuker:
Christian Doppler Lab "Funktechnologien für nachhaltige Mobilität"

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