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J. Kaitovic, M. Rupp:
"Tag Identification Time in Multiantenna Collision Scenarios";
Talk: 2015 International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology (EURFID), Rosenheim; 10-22-2015 - 10-23-2015; in: "2015 International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology (EURFID)", (2015), 8 pages.

English abstract:
Framed Slotted Aloha (FSA) is often employed for
scheduling tag´s transmissions in Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) systems. Tags choose one of the offered slots for transmission
and it can happen that some of the slots are empty, some have
just one tag active - singleton slots and in some of the slots several
tags are transmitting - collision slots. A standard compliant
reader is capable of acknowledging just the tags from singleton
slots. If a collision recovery is employed, even some of the
tags from the collision slots can be acknowledged. This requires
certain changes in the standard as modification of a tag signal
and consequently the change of slot durations. In this paper,
we propose two different ways of acknowledging colliding tags
and we derive analytical formulas for calculating the expected
frame duration in collision scenarios and the expected number of
identified tags. Furthermore, we evaluate the proposed schemes
by means of Monte Carlo simulations. The obtained results are
compared with the performance of a standard compliant reader.

RFID, Collision Recovery, FSA

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