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M. Gall, G. Wallner, S. Kriglstein, S. Rinderle-Ma:
"Differencegraph - A ProM Plugin for Calculating and Visualizing Differences between Processes";
Talk: 13th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2015), Innsbruck; 2015-08-31 - 2015-09-03; in: "BPM (Demos)", (2015), 65 - 69.

English abstract:
The analysis of differences and commonalities between process models or between instances which progressed through the model (henceforth referred to as instance traffic) plays an important role in companies. For example, companies are often confronted with different versions or variants of a process model and hence need methods to identify redundancies or inconsistencies between them. Differencegraph is a plugin for ProM which supports the identification of differences and commonalities between process models as well as between their instance traffic. For this purpose a so-called difference graph between two process models and their instance traffic is calculated and visualized. This generated difference graph supports decision making in various business cases such as finding deviations between processes.

Differences between Processes, Visualization, Process Model, Process Visualization, Process Mining, Instance Traffic

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