Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

C. Flachberger, P. Panek, W.L. Zagler:
"Compose Autonomy!- An Adaptable User Interface for Assistive Technology";
Talk: 2nd TIDE Congress (The European Context for Assistive Technology), Paris; 1995-04; in: "Proceedings of the 2nd TIDE Congress (The European Context for Assistive Technology)", IOS Press, (1995), 413 - 416.

English abstract:
The paper introduces "AUTONOMY", an assistive system developed by the authors. The goal of this system is to contribute to the autonomy of motor and multiple impaired persons in daily life and to empower them to live a more selfdetermined and independent life at home (and not in an institution). AUTONOMY is a multifunctional modular system designed for the home environment. It consists of a mobile user-terminal connected to an individual set of peripheral modules via a bus system. The peripheral modules perform the interaction between the system and the environment of the user. The paper gives a short overview of the whole system and concentrates on the user-interface. As the system should be usable for a wide range of motor- and multiple impaired persons it is evident that there are very strong demands on the user-interface.

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