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O. Scekic, H. Truong, S. Dustdar:
"PRINGL - A domain-specific language for incentive management in crowdsourcing";
Computer Networks, Volume 90 (2015), 14 - 33.

English abstract:
Novel types of crowdsourcing systems require a wider spectrum of incentives for efficient motivation and management of human workers taking part in complex collaborations. Incentive management techniques used in conventional crowdsourcing platforms are not suitable for more intellectually-challenging tasks. Currently, incentives are custom-developed and managed by each particular platform. This prevents incentive portability and cross-platform comparison. In this paper we present PRINGL - a domain-specific language for programming and managing complex incentive strategies for socio-technical platforms in general. It promotes re-use of proven incentive logic and simplifies modeling, adjustment and enactment of complex incentives for socio-technical systems. We demonstrate its applicability and expressiveness on a set of realistic use-cases and discuss its properties.

Incentive management; Rewarding; Crowdsourcing; Socio-technical system; Social computing

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