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S. Schwarz, T. Philosof, M. Rupp:
"Leakage-Based Multicast Transmit Beamforming";
Poster: IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC2015), London, UK; 06-08-2015 - 06-12-2015; in: "2015 IEEE International Conference on Communications", (2015), 2405 - 2410.

English abstract:
In this paper, we investigate downlink physical layer
multicast transmit beamforming in wireless cellular networks,
considering interference between multiple independent multicast
transmitters (base stations). Transmit beamforming can exploit
multiple antennas at the transmitter to direct the multicast signal
towards the intended users, while minimizing the interference
leakage caused to other users of the network. We propose a
multicast beamformer optimization problem that maximizes the
achievable multicast transmission rate while restricting the interference
leakage caused to other users, by applying a semidefinite
relaxation to approximate this NP-hard problem with a convex
optimization problem that can be solved efficiently. Furthermore,
we consider multiple receive antennas at the users and propose
an antenna combiner that maximizes the achievable user rate.
Finally, we combine the proposed beamforming and receive
antenna combining methods via alternating optimization and
evaluate the performance using Monte-Carlo simulations.

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