Publications in Scientific Journals:

D. Tskhakaya, M. Groth, JET EFDA contributors:
"Modelling of tungsten re-deposition coefficient";
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 463 (2015), 624 - 628.

English abstract:
We study tungsten prompt re-deposition processes at the divertor plates via kinetic modelling of the JET
SOL for different divertor plasma parameters. Our simulations demonstrate that the electric field and not
the Lorentz Force is the major contributor to the prompt re-deposition process. The fraction of tungsten
ions escaping from the divertor plasma is defined by the number of tungsten atoms ionized outside the
magnetic sheath and does not exceed 3% of the ions sputtered from the divertor surface. We derived the
corresponding fit function for estimation of the re-deposition coefficient.

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