Publications in Scientific Journals:

S. Dai, S. Liu, J. Sun, A. Kirschner, G. Kawamura, D. Tskhakaya, R. Ding, G. Luo, D. Wang:
"Modelling of surface evolution of rough surface on divertor target in fusion devices";
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 463 (2015), 372 - 376.

English abstract:
The 3D Monte-Carlo code SURO has been used to study the surface evolution of rough surface on the
divertor target in fusion devices. The edge plasma at divertor region is modelled by the SDPIC code
and used as input data for SURO. Coupled with SDPIC, SURO can perform more sophisticated simulations
to calculate the local angle and surface evolution of rough surface. The simulation results show that the
incident direction of magnetic field, gyration and E B force has a significant impact on 3D angular
distribution of background plasma and accordingly on the erosion of rough surface. The net eroded areal
density of rough surface is studied by varying the magnetic field angle with surface normal. The evolution
of the microscopic morphology of rough surface can lead to a significant change in the physical sputtering

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