Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

A. De Blas Romero:
"Optimization of photocurable zirconia slurries";
Supervisor: M. Pfaffinger, J. Stampfl; E308, 2015; final examination: 2015.

English abstract:
Different pre-process of photocurable ceramic slurries were studied in combination with four different solvents and dispersants in order to give an optimum dispersion of zirconia powders within an organic wax media. Based on sedimentation, viscosity and rheological properties, the maximum solid loading is the main aim to reach the viscosity range necessary for a correct stored and handling of the slurries for the further use of them in the dental restorative sector by an additive manufacturing method. The main focus of this study lies on the influence of dispersant concentration, solvent used and the preparation of the slurries process. Several procedures were applied such as a pre-drying process of the powders or the consideration of the ultra-sonication step to destroy the agglomerates of different yttria-doped zirconia (YSZ) powders which showed similar rheological trends in each solvent, TZ-3YS-E and TZ-PX-245. This study is focus on the attractive interparticle interactions that occur in the zirconia-powder-wax suspensions and their effect on the rheological properties, the concentration of the dispersants and the effects of the powders particle size for a suitable level of solid loadings, within the range of 70-80 wt%, on the rheological properties.

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