Contributions to Proceedings:

P. Kán, H. Kaufmann:
"Mobile Multiview Diffuse Texture Extraction";
in: "Smart Tools and Applications in Computer Graphics", Eurographics Association, 2015, 113 - 120.

English abstract:
This paper presents a novel method for diffuse texture extraction from a set of multiview images. We address the problem of specularities removal by pixel value minimization across multiple automatically aligned input images. Our method is based on the fact that the presence of specular reflection only increases the captured pixel value. Moreover, we propose an algorithm for estimation of material region in the image by optimization on the GPU. Previous methods for diffuse component separation from multiple images require a complex hardware setup. In contrast to that, our method is highly usable because only a mobile phone is needed to reconstruct diffuse texture in an environment with arbitrary lighting. Moreover, our method is fully automatic and besides capturing of images from multiple viewpoints it does not require any user intervention. Many fields can benefit from our method, particularly material reconstruction, image processing, and digital content creation.

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