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J. Sorger, E. Gröller, H. Piringer et al.:
"LiteVis: Integrated Visualization for Simulation-Based Decision Support in Lighting Design";
Talk: IEEE Vis 2015, Chicago (invited); 2015-10-25 - 2015-10-30.

English abstract:
State-of-the-art lighting design is based on physically accurate lighting simulations of scenes such as offices. The simulation results support lighting designers in the creation of lighting configurations, which must meet contradicting customer objectives regarding quality and price while conforming to industry standards. However, current tools for lighting design impede rapid feedback cycles. On the one side, they decouple analysis and simulation specification. On the other side, they lack capabilities for a detailed comparison of multiple configurations. The primary contribution of this paper is a design study of LiteVis, a system for efficient decision support in lighting design. LiteVis tightly integrates global illumination-based lighting simulation, a spatial representation of the scene, and non-spatial visualizations of parameters and result indicators. This enables an efficient iterative cycle of simulation parametrization and analysis. Specifically, a novel visualization supports decision making by ranking simulated lighting configurations with regard to a weight-based prioritization of objectives that considers both spatial and non-spatial characteristics. In the spatial domain, novel concepts support a detailed comparison of illumination scenarios. We demonstrate LiteVis using a real-world use case and report qualitative feedback of lighting designers. This feedback indicates that LiteVis successfully supports lighting designers to achieve key tasks more efficiently and with greater certainty.

Integrating Spatial and Non-Spatial Data

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