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D. Adam, R. Markiewicz:
"DC Tower - Foundation, deep excavation, and dewatering scheme for a 250 m tall high-rise building in Vienna";
Vortrag: European Conference in Geo-Environment and Construction, Tirana, Albanien (eingeladen); 26.11.2015 - 28.11.2015; in: "Geo-Environment and Construction - European Conference", NATYRA, Polis University, Tirana, Albania (2015), ISBN: 978-9928-114-63-1; S. 470 - 489.

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The construction of the Donau City Tower 1 has been recently accomplished; it is the first of two high-rise buildings in the so called "Donau City" in the north of Vienna. The DC Tower 1 is one of the tallest buildings in Europe and comprises a height of 250 m above ground, 20 m of underground floors, and a 35 m deep foundation. The execution of the deep excavation and the deep foundation of the Donau City Tower 1 made great demands on ground engineering. The geotechnical relevant works contained the construction of the pit supporting system for the excavation pit and deep foundation works for the tower consisting of numerous diaphragm wall elements with depths up to 30 m, and CFA piles for the foundation of shallow building parts. A special challenge was the design and execution of the dewatering scheme to remove the water in the quaternary soil and for lowering the water pressure in the tertiary soil layers.

high-rise building, deep foundation, deep excavation, dewatering scheme

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