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S. Zamberger, P. Lang, G. Klösch, J. Klarner, E. Kozeschnik:
"Long-range diffusion of H in the presence of traps in a microalloyed steel";
Computational Materials Science, 113 (2016), 266 - 274.

English abstract:
In the present work, we apply a new model for trapping of nterstitial elements at various types of atomic traps to investigate the H-trapping efficiency of different kinds of precipitates in a microalloyed steel grade. The model is briefly introduced and reviewed. The trapping strength representative for the different stages of the precipitation process is evaluated, as well as the influence of size and shape of the particles on the trapping capacity. The significant impact of the applied trapping energies between precipitate interface and H-atoms is discussed. On basis of the present work, the considerable scatter of experimental H-diffusion data at low temperatures is straightforwardly explained and quantitatively reproduced in the simulations.

Low alloy steel, Parameter studies, Hydrogen permeation, Precipitation kinetics

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