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L. Kranzl, T. Bednar, H. Formayer, M. Gladt, M. Hummel, A. Korjenic, J. Matzenberger, A. Müller et al.:
"Resilience of Energy Systems: Energy Crises, Trends and Climate Change";
Talk: 14. Österreichischer Klimatag, Wien (invited); 04-04-2013 - 04-05-2013; in: "Klimawandel, Auswirkungen und Anpassung sowie Vermeidung", Climate Change Centre Austria CCCA, (2013), 52 - 54.

English abstract:
The current energy system is a major driver of climate change. At the same time, the energy System itself is affected by climate change. Some elements of energy supply will change the characteristics of
its availability (e.g. hydro power) and a modification in energy demand will occur (e.g. heating and cooling). Therefore, simultaneous mitigation and adaptation has to take place.
The energy system in the next decades will face fundamental restructuring. Climate mitigation scenarios show the requirements of shifting towards zero- and low-carbon energy solutions. The
availability of fossil resources (first of all oil) as well as global conflicts might cause energy shortages leading to energy crises. Demographic and social changes as well as technology developments could lead to additional challenges and opportunities. These trends, possibly occurring energy crises and climate change partly are potential sources of heavy vulnerability of the energy system. The question arises how mitigation efforts, adaptation measures and responses to changing side conditions might be integrated. This question is investigated in the ACRP-project PRESENCE (Power through Resilience of Energy Systems: Energy Crises, Trends and Climate Change, www.eeg.tuwien.ac.at/presence)
which will be completed in September 2013.

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