Publications in Scientific Journals:

C. Nathala, A. Ajami, A. Ionin, S. Kudryashov, S. Makarov, T. Ganz, A. Assion, W. Husinsky:
"Experimental study of fs-laser induced sub-100-nm periodic surface structures on titanium";
Optics Express, 23 (2015), 5; 5915 - 5929.

English abstract:
In this work the formation of laser-induced periodic surface
structures (LIPSS) on a titanium surface upon irradiation by linearly
polarized femtosecond (fs) laser pulses with a repetition rate of 1 kHz in air
environment was studied experimentally. In particular, the dependence of
high-spatial-frequency-LIPSS (HSFL) characteristics on various laser
parameters: fluence, pulse number, wavelength (800 nm and 400 nm),
pulse duration (10 fs - 550 fs), and polarization was studied in detail. In
comparison with low-spatial-frequency-LIPSS (LSFL), the HSFL emerge
at a much lower fluence with orientation perpendicular to the ridges of the
LSFL. It was observed that these two types of LIPSS demonstrate different
fluence, shot number and wavelength dependencies, which suggest their
origin is different. Therefore, the HSFL formation mechanism cannot be
described by the widely accepted interference model developed for
describing LSFL formation.

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