Publications in Scientific Journals:

S. Kudryashov, S. Makarov, A. Ionin, C. Nathala, A. Ajami, T. Ganz, A. Assion, W. Husinsky et al.:
"Dynamic polarization flip in nanoripples on photoexcited Ti surface near its surface plasmon resonance";
Optics Letters, 40 (2015), 21; 4967 - 4970.

English abstract:
Both normal and abnormal sub-100-nanometer ripples
(wavenumber ∼ 10 μm-1) were separately observed on Ti
surfaces excited by linearly-polarized IR femtosecond
laser pulses at lower and higher fluences. Numerical
modeling of dispersion curves for surface plasmonpolaritons
on the photoexcited Ti surfaces demonstrates
its surface plasmon resonance with the peak
wavenumber ∼ 8 μm-1 spectrally tuned by prompt surface
optical response, prompt surface charging and preoxidation,
with normal/abnormal nanoripples appearing
at its red/blue shoulders, respectively.

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