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S. Schaat, S. Dickert, E. Geveze, A. Miladinovic, S. Wilker, V. Gruber:
"Modelling Emotion and Social Norms for Consumer Simulations Exemplified in Social Media";
in: "Proceedings of International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction", ACII, 2015, S. 851 - 856.

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In line with empirical evidence from seminal research, we assume that emotions and social norms play a key role in consumers´ decisions. To this end, we develop a socio-cognitive agent to examine the psychological and sociological factors influencing consumer decision-making. The underlying assumptions are operationalized in a decision model that integrates motivation, emotion, and normative mechanisms using a unified activation and valuation framework. A simulation of prompting other consumers to switch to green electricity via social media demonstrates how the interplay of input parameters, given by the agent´s internal and external environment, memories, and personality determine the agent´s decision by activating and valuating actions. Such simulations enable examining the impact of social media messages on consumer decision.

computational emotion; agent-based simulation; consumer simulation; decision making

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