Contributions to Proceedings:

S. Schaat, A. Miladinovic, S. Wilker, S. Kollmann, S. Dickert, E. Geveze, V. Gruber:
"Emotion in Consumer Simulations for the Development and Testing of Recommendations for Marketing Strategies";
in: "Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems", ACM Digital Library, 2015, 25 - 32.

English abstract:
To examine the impact factors and mechanisms of the decision to
switch to green electricity, we develop a socio-cognitive agentbased
simulation. Following seminal research in the field of
decision making we focus on emotion and social norms as core
mechanisms in consumer decisions. A survey of possible
consumers provides the information how to calibrate the
simulation, by which means a first validation is reached. Further
data analysis supports model validation and exploration. Overall,
this methodology provides the premises of using simulations for
recommending marketing strategies that support the distribution
of environmental-friendly energy providers.

Modeling and simulation ,Software verification and validation, Process validation , World Wide Web,Social recommendation, Online advertising . Collaborative and social computing, Artificial intelligence , Cognitive science , User models

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