Contributions to Proceedings:

S. Schaat, S. Kollmann, O. Zhukova, D. Dietrich, K. Doblhammer:
"Examination of Foundational AGI-Agents in Artificial-Life Simulations";
in: "Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence", IEEE, 2015, 330 - 335.

English abstract:
The examination of AGI agents is an
interdisciplinary challenge. This is particularly the case for their
foundations, assumedly (in compliance with Damasio) drives and
emotions. We demonstrate how these foundations of a humanlike
control system are tested using simplified exemplary cases as
test-specifications. After showing how we model the required
functions of the agentīs decision unit, we provide details of the
incremental steps of our examination. As a first step, we use
calibration-specifications, which we concretize with the help of
psychoanalysts and neuroscientists and show how a flexible
parameterization of the model generates expected behavior. This
step enables a deeper model analysis in the second step of our
examination, which corresponds to model exploration and
provides further information for adaptions of the parameters,
model, or assumptions. Overall, this examination methodology
allows for a stepwise model development and examination and
provides the ground for comparing the simulation data with
empirical data, which we plan as a next step.

Artificial General Intelligence; Simulation; Cognitive Architectures; Artificial Life; Agent-Based System

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