Publications in Scientific Journals:

E. Mayrhofer, L. Janka, W. Mayr, J. Norpoth, M. Rodriguez Ripoll, M. Gröschl:
"Cracking resistance of Cr3C2-NiCr and WC-Cr3C2-Ni thermally sprayed coatings under tensile bending stress";
Surface & Coatings Technology, 281 (2015), 169 - 175.

English abstract:
The cracking behaviour of Cr3C2-25(Ni20Cr) and WC-20Cr3C2-7Ni thermally sprayed coatings during tensile
load in 3-point bending tests was studied by Acoustic Emission (AE) monitoring and microstructure postanalysis.
The AEmonitoring reveals a superior resistance against cracking in theWC-Cr3C2-Ni coatings compared
to Cr3C2-NiCr. The incorporation of tungsten carbides beneficially affects the residual stress state of the coatings
and has an impact on the detailed fracture mode. The results hold for both as-sprayed as well as ground and
polished coatings.

Acoustic emission HVOF thermal spray coating Cr3C2 WC Bending test Cracking

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