Publications in Scientific Journals:

P. Gunacker, M. Wallerberger, E. Gull, A. Hausoel, G. Sangiovanni, K. Held:
"Continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo using worm sampling";
Physical Review B, 92 (2015), 155102-1 - 155102-10.

English abstract:
We present a worm sampling method for calculating one- and two-particle Greenīs functions using continuous-
time quantum Monte Carlo simulations in the hybridization expansion (CT-HYB). Instead of measuring Greenīs
functions by removing hybridization lines from partition function configurations, as in conventional CT-HYB, the
worm algorithm directly samples the Greenīs function. We show that worm sampling is necessary to obtain general
two-particle Greenīs functions which are not of density-density type and that it improves the sampling efficiency
when approaching the atomic limit. Such two-particle Greenīs functions are needed to compute off-diagonal
elements of susceptibilities and occur in diagrammatic extensions of the dynamical mean-field theory and in
efficient estimators for the single-particle self-energy.

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