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Z. Zhong, M. Wallerberger, J. Tomczak, C. Taranto, N. Parragh, A. Toschi, G. Sangiovanni, K. Held:
"Electronics with Correlated Oxides: SrVO3/SrTiO3 as a Mott Transistor";
Physical Review Letters, 114 (2015), 246401-1 - 246401-5.

English abstract:
We employ density functional theory plus dynamical mean field theory and identify the physical origin of why two layers of SrVO3 on a SrTiO3 substrate are insulating: the thin film geometry lifts the orbital degeneracy, which in turn triggers a first-order Mott-Hubbard transition. Two layers of SrVO3 are just at the verge of a Mott-Hubbard transition and hence ideally suited for technological applications of the Mott-Hubbard transition: the heterostructure is highly sensitive to strain, electric field, and temperature. A gate voltage can also switch between metal (ON) and insulator (OFF), so that a transistor with ideal ON-OFF switching properties is realized.

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