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A. Tsinganis, A. Stamatopoulos, N. Colonna, R. Vlastou, M. Bacak, E. Griesmayer, E. Jericha, P. Kavrigin, H. Leeb, -. nTOF Collaboration, -. n_TOF Collaboration et al.:
"Measurement of the 240Pu(n,f) cross-section at the CERN n_TOF facility: first results from EAR-2";
in: "14th International Conference on Nuclear Reaction Mechanisms", F. Cerutti, M. Chadwick, A. Ferrari, T. Kawano, P. Schoofs (Hrg.); herausgegeben von: F. Cerutti, M. Chadwick, A. Ferrari, T. Kawano, P. Schoofs; European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), Genf, 2015, ISBN: 978-92-9083-418-2, S. 21 - 26.

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The accurate knowledge of neutron cross-sections of a variety of plutonium isotopes and other minor actinides, such as neptunium, americium and curium, is crucial for feasibility and performance studies of advanced nuclear systems (Generation-IV reactors, Accelerator Driven Systems). In this context, the 240Pu(n,f) cross-section was measured with the time-of-flight technique at the CERN n_TOF facility at incident neutron energies ranging from thermal to several MeV. The present measurement is the first to have been performed at n_TOF´s newly commissioned Experimental Area II (EAR-2), which is located at the end of an 18 m neutron beam-line and features a neutron fluence that is 25-30 times higher with respect to the existing 185 m flight-path (EAR-1), as well as stronger suppression of sample-induced backgrounds, due to the shorter times-of-flight involved. Preliminary results are presented.

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